Many L’s Series II

Many L’s Series II

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Many L’s (Love, Life, Lord, Labyrinth, Lady, Land, Lust, Learn, Left, Liberty, ...)

  • 100% silk twill
  • 90 x 90 cm

This item is made-to-order and will take 5 - 15 business days to create before shipping. By purchasing made-to-order pieces, you are helping reduce wasteful overproduction while also supporting small businesses. Packages come directly from each designer and therefore may arrive from multiple locations, taking varying times to prepare and deliver. 

LLiM (Life Liveth in Me) is a wearable art collection founded by Toronto-based Yaw Tony. Dedicated to the creation of inimitable quality products, an odyssey into a world of visual journeys, LLiM’s grandiose prints are based in storytelling and cast on silk.

LLiM scarves (carrés) are influenced by the sophisticated details of African adages amalgam with the Western Culture. It is the “gameo” – “gem” – “marriage”, the fusion of two distinct elements into one. All the patterns, motifs and details are first hand drawn, and then transferred into colours to give it form and life. The final manufacturing operations of the designs are digitally printed or screen-printed and then hand or machine hemmed on luxurious finer silks. Each scarf design is embodied with intricate patterns, art and rich stories.