Golden One, statement headband Soft Fall 2021 Collection

Prix régulier $82.00 Made to order

Super sparkly, gorgeous tear drop sequinned gold, a true statement headband. 

These beauties come in two sizes. The original Golden One is a full size big crown, and the Mini Golden One is the  smaller version that still packs a dramatic punch!

Hello Darling's design process is a one-woman show, from the careful curation of textiles, using fabrics manufactured in Canada and the United States, to the design, execution, and construction, it all starts and ends with Winnipeg-based designer Miriam Delos Santos.

Miriam takes great pride in every step and important detail in terms of the product created. Hello Darling continues to grow and evolve, most recently rebranding into women's statement headwear and accessories. Every piece is conceptualized and created thoughtfully by hand to ensure good quality and a one of a kind accessory. Miriam is honoured in the confidence of the women that choose to be seen and stand out with Hello Darling.