Join us as we experiment with a new popup format and location this holiday season. Unlike our signature events where designers are onsite selling, we're trying something new; a two-month, curated brand discovery, shopping, and event space where we provide full retail services on your behalf. Each month, we will showcase up to 30 rotating brands and host a series of in-store and digital events, parties, and activations within a gallery-like setting.

Apply by Sunday September 11th. NOW CLOSED.





Over 2300 square feet including seven change rooms, a full storage area for extra stock, and room to host in-store events.


We will be redesigning the space with a fresh look and functionality to inspire and entice customers to discover and shop for the holidays.


Participating designers can sign up for one or two months - pending availability. Simply ship or drop off your collection and we take care of the rest. INLAND provides the retail space, fixtures, hangers, packaging and bags as well as merchandising set-up, styling, and store design. We also provide the POS system, trained sales staff, mall security, brand and store signage, photography, marketing, PR, and website listings on both INLAND and Bayview Village. Designers are responsible for fees associated with shipping or delivering products and for collecting unsold items.

All sales are exchange in-store only until the end of the popup. Sales payouts are provided on the 15th of the month following your collection showcase (ie, if you participate for November you will receive your payout by December 15th).

How does submitting products work?
We understand that you are small batch makers and may not have a lot of extra stock. You can choose to either send multiple sizes in each style or send one of each size (for customers to try on) of each style and we will process the sale, notify you, and then you ship the item from your studio; similar to how a showroom would operate. Either way, you will need to submit a CSV of your products, SKUS, styles and sizes. You are free to pull items from the popup as needed. You can either pick them up or we can arrange to ship items to you or directly to your customer. We can ship a maximum of 5 times each month at your expense plus a $5 processing fee. If you think you might require this service, shipment packaging must be provided in advance. Contact us at info@madeinland.ca if you have questions.

How many items should I submit?
This is somewhat flexible. For clothing designers, you can submit enough styles to fit one rolling rack. For jewelery designers, you can submit enough styles to cover a 2x2' surface and for large accessories, like handbags, you can submit enough to cover a 3x3' surface. In all cases, you can submit multiples which will be stored in the stock room. You both pull items and replenish if needed. Contact us at info@madeinland.ca if you have questions.

How will my brand be represented?
We are committed to telling your story and sharing details about your brand and unique products with the utmost detail, care, and respect. As part of the onboarding process, you will have the opportunity to provide product knowledge, descriptions, and special notes about your story. We can also arrange a 15-minute zoom calls with INLAND sales staff to review your collection and brand ethos.

Will designers have the opportunity to be present?
Yes, we will be hosting a series of meet-the-designer events and other activations such as virtial studio tours, trunk shows and celebrations. Otherwise, all of the set up and selling is manages by INLAND staff.

How will the popup be promoted?
We work with Matte PR to manage media and influencer relations and Media Dimensions to oversee our paid social and digital advertising. Both boutique organizations believe strongly in supporting Canadian design and work tirelessly to elevate exposure for clients. Promotions include email marketing to over 70,000 subscribers (Bayview Village and INLAND combined), paid and organic social, digital media, influencer partnerships, blog and event listings, and affiliate marketing. INLAND attracts millions of impressions each event. Below are a few editorial samples from this year.

ELLE | Marilyn Denis Show | The Kit | Toronto Star | Globe and Mail | The Kit | Retail Insider


November 1 - 28
Opening Reception - November 1
Open to Public - November 2


November 29 - December 27
Opening Reception - November 30
Final Day - December 27


Typically, our rates are $500 to $800 for a 3-day popup. We're excited to continue to offer accessible rates for your brand to gain high-value exposure and sell alongside some of the finest emerging designers in Canada. Each monthly term includes 4 weekends during the busiest season of the year. Rates are a flat fee, zero commissions taken. Sales payouts (after standard credit card processing fees) are provided on the 15th of the month following your participation. Prices are + HST.

One month - $975
Two months - $1850