Adora Watson Bio

Elisa Watson-Smith is the founder of ADORA WATSON, a demi-fine jewelry and lifestyle objects brand. Inspired by modernity, movement, and old-world beauty, Elisa transforms silver, gold, and demi-precious stones into adornments for today, tomorrow, and beyond. Through her exploration of structured silhouettes and organic forms, Elisa's pieces are thoughtfully designed with a sense of style and purpose as unique and individual as the people who acquire them. Born in Montréal, Elisa is currently based in Toronto.

Elisa’s love for fashion, jewelry, and all things accessories started when she saw a diamond commercial at the age of four. Now, many moons later, she is translating her childhood love into a collection of adornments. Elisa operates ADORA WATSON from top to bottom. She shops in-person at local vendors to hand-select the raw materials, makes all the jewelry herself, take all the photographs, and manages her online presence. Her hands touch every aspect of the business. A genuine handcrafted experience, I'm pleased to deliver in everything I create.