Le Lou Ula Bio

Le Lou Ula, the moniker of interdisciplinary, Calgary-based artist Bramble Lee Pryde, is a faceted brand that encompasses contemporary demi-fine silver and gold jewellery as vessels for personal ritual. Since its foundation in 2013, Le Lou Ula, has been a pathbreaker in the slow fashion movement as Pryde continues to experiment with silver, gold, and dirt. Every piece of work is designed, forged, cast & finished in her studio without any production outsourcing, while using only vetted sustainable materials.

Bramble Lee Pryde has always questioned the process. Working under her nom de plume Le Lou Ula, she is an interdisciplinary artist with a foundation in metalsmithing, sculpture, painting, and textiles. She focuses is creating objects and adornment that resonate as art and challenge the perception that craft and art cannot exist in the same space. She currently resides in Calgary, between the Canadian Rockies and The Badlands.