Partoem Bio

Partoem is a brand of origami-inspired, luxury leather goods based in Montreal, Canada. Founded by designer Madeleine Beaulieu, Partoem originated from her love for quality minimalist products. The brand name is inspired by the French saying par toi-même, which means “on your own.” In Italian and Spanish, parto means “birth.” 

After completing a master’s degree in Industrial Design at the Rhode Island School of Design in 2007, Madeleine moved to San Francisco, where she gained experience designing home accessories, furniture and consumer goods. She later discovered unmatched creative liberty in the design of fashion accessories. Madeleine returned to Montreal in 2009 where she worked for several years at various acclaimed Canadian brands. During this time, she was introduced to self-assembly patterns for leather products made without stitch or glue. The seed was planted for what would become a highly personal creative process. From that point onward, she started designing folded patterns and devising her own assembly methods, launching Partoem in 2017.